Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories: Which is More Advantageous for Your Business?
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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories: Which is More Advantageous for Your Business?

Ever since Instagram has released its Stories feature, many have wondered about the benefits it might provide to businesses in comparison to Stories offered in Snapchat. There are certainly similarities to how Stories functions on the two platforms. Both Stories features allow you to connect to an audience creatively using playful filters, colorful texts or fun emojis. The content shared through Stories would disappear after 24 hours so you can create spontaneously without worrying about correct curation. However, if you are looking to be seletive with your social media marketing, understanding the differences between the Stories features available on the two platforms might enable you to choose one that is more advantageous for your business.

Simple Stats

The number of active users on Instagram is by far more than those of Snapchat; as a matter of fact, the ratio is almost 2 to 1, given that there are about 700 million active users in a month by Instagram as opposed to the 300 million monthly active users on Snapchat.

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So what does this mean?

It basically means that the userbase is much larger on Instagram than Snapchat and it is much more possible for shared Stories to spread to more people within the Instagram app. If your brand is looking to raise awareness or find people who can resonate with your message, then you would have a bigger number of users to reach out to on Instagram.

With Snapchat Stories, You Can't Share Links

For brands and influencers, the ability to provide links to their YouTube channel, website, or online retail store is a compulsory feature. With Instagram Stories, verified accounts will be able to provide links to websites. This is useful for online business owners and retail shop managers who would like to showcase some of their inventory and give their followers access to links where they will be able to purchase these items. On Snapchat, however, it’s not necessarily so. Although it does have linking capabilities for those who are looking to advertise, influencers and brands don’t have the ability to normally share links in an easily accessible way. This means that even if Instagram makes allowance for you to share only one link in your bio and not inside Stories, it still beats Snapchat.

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With Snapchat Stories, You Can't Tag People

The beauty of social networks usually is the social aspect that allows people on the platform to create connections, build relationships and witness meaningful memories. Businesses that are able to understand this aspect can increase brand awareness and loyalty. Instagram Stories offer an option to tag others by adding a mention directly so that you can easily give props to an adoring follower, endorse complementary brand in a cross promotion or showcase an influencer. There is currently no way to tag people in Snapchat Stories.

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It’s Much Harder to Find People on Snapchat

Every business aims to grow their audience and that isn’t going to be possible if they can’t be found. With Snapchat's search function, users need to know your brand's exact username or they’ll most probably experience difficulty in finding and following you. On Instagram, the search feature is much easier to use and even more efficient by providing suggestions. This inclination for favoring discoverability is apparent in Instagram Stories because hashtag and location stickers are available to be added. A restaurant with great cuisines can put in #onthetable hashtag sticker in its stories so that it can reach new people looking for amazing restaurants. Similarly, a retailer in New York could add a location sticker so that local community could be aware of its store's presence.

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Broadcasting the “Now”

Although Stories on both Instagram and Snapchat permit a moment to be special by lasting only a day, Instagram offers a chance to make an occasion even more significant by giving the live video option. If the capabilities to host live events, provide exclusive demonstrations or create more impactful moments with followers are nice to have, then live video feature of Instagram Stories might be important for you.

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