7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical
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  • By Mary Wright

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical

Social media marketing has grown in today’s business world. More and more businesses are beginning to see just how essential it is to their everyday operation and their hopes of meeting specific business objectives. If you’re still in the dark however, there's never been a better time to get started and learn more about it. Here are 8 ways through which social media marketing can be beneficial for your business.

1. Branding

The popularity and accesibility of social media platforms not only offer businesses extra visibility but also the capability to better position their brand in the market. With quality content and consistent efforts, social media marketing allows businesses to communicate effectively the values, benefits and advantages of their company. When used correctly, you can differentiate your business from competitors, impact the perception of costumers and build a reputation so that your brand is as you've envisioned.


2. Reach Wide Demographics of Audience

Increasing number of people actively use social media every year to connect with each others, consume entertainment and news or stay in touch. Take Instagram for instance. There are now approximately 700 million active users enjoying just this social network every month. Due to the rising adoption, the user base for social media has grown more representative of the broader population. This results in having access to a larger pool of people who are actually looking for whatever your business might be offering. With social media marketing, you'll be able to overcome geographical obstacle and reach directly the type of demographic with interests that fit your target audience.

3. Brand Loyalty and Advocates

A great aspect of social media marketing is that it gives brands a way to cultivate a relationship with its customers easily. Through transparency, sharing of valuable information and ongoing engagement, your company can become more than just a business entity and interact personally with the community. Trust can be built essentially and brand loyalty can be organically formed so it effectively turns marketing into more than just a cold approach. The increase in customers retention and brand advocacy by them also makes social recommendations more likely.

Brand loyalty

4. Demonstrate Customer Service and Satisfaction

With a social media marketing strategy, you are opening yourself to a world of entirely new people; customers and clients. However, this process is one which goes both ways; as much as you have access to them, they also have access to you. A social media account will give your existing and potential customers the ability to reach you. They will be able to ask you any burning questions that they need answers to, lodge complaints or request quotes. Due to the open nature of communication available, your brand can exhibit great customer service by responding publicly in a swift and appropiate manner. Similarly, any praise for your product or service will be displayed outwardly for others to see.

5. Insights into Customers and Their Preferences

There are barely any barriers between you and your customers on social media. This makes it convenient to not only gather feedback about your business from them but also to figure out the message that resonates with your audience. Any engagement that you receive such as likes, views, retweets or replies on shared content can be used as performance indicators that reflect the preferences and characteristics of your following as they interact with your brand. Knowing how to cater to your userbase can then be based on real data and not just guesswork or estimates.


6. Clout

Marketing on social media enables your business to gather a following of individuals who are excited about your brand. As your following increases, a growing brand with a large social media presence makes it easier to draw additional interests. A substantial audience on social media displays social approval of your brand and as a result, it becomes more possible to attract new clients, partnerships, investments or media attention.

7. Your Competitor Probably Has a Social Presence

The prevalence of social media today means that competitors in your industry are likely to be taking advantage of marketing that involves it already. They might be able to better raise awareness about their brand, reach new audience quickly to faciliate growth and promote customer loyalty by actively engaging their fans. Without making the effort to create your own social presence, you dismiss your company from being competitive and leave your potential clients vulnerable to being influenced by someone else in your field.



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