Top 10 Instagram Stories Hacks That Work
Instagram stories

Top 10 Instagram Stories Hacks That Work

If you’re a fan of Instagram or have used Snapchat before then you likely know what Instagram Stories are. To put it simply, these are photos or videos of up to 10 seconds that are kept separately from your main profile feed and only last for 24 hours. Although it's a newer media format found on Instagram, many users are now enjoying Stories successfully.They are a great addition for your marketing strategy. Here we share top 10 Instagram Stories hacks that can be added to your regular Instagram campaign.

1. Add a Splash of Color to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories offer a great chance to show off the personality of your brand, but you need to keep it all in line with your branding by being consistent with colors. Just because the colors of your brand aren’t in the color pre-sets doesn’t mean you can’t include them. There’s a small trick that allows for you to use any color you want.

Story color 1
Story color 2

To make this work in Instagram Stories, tap on the pen icon (or the Aa icon) to open up the brush or text tool, then tap and hold down on any default color to open up the color slider. Swipe to choose the right color for your brand and give your stories that personal touch.

2. Countdown to a Special Event

For brands that are planning a special event or releasing a new product, Stories can be used as a way to count down to the day. With Stories, you don't need a remainder to delete the post on your feed after the big date. It's an awesome way to maintain anticipation around the announcement and the excitement created from it would entice followers to look forward to the count down date.

Ig countdown

3. Share the Story as a Post

If you have a lot of success with a particular story, then you might want to share it longer with your followers for more engagement and reach. Remember that stories disappear after 24 hours, so this allows you to keep it. Press the three dots to the corner of the story to delete the story, save it to your device, or share it as a post. Simply press “Share as Post” and fill in the details.

4. Post From your Camera Roll

Instagram stories are a great way to share videos and photos of the now, but there’s more to life than the present. Sometimes you might realise that an image you took or a video you recorded would make for a great story, or you might want to edit and work with the media before posting it as a story. The good news is that you can post pictures and videos from your camera roll to Instagram Stories, much like you can post them straight to your account.

Upload story

To do this, open up Instagram stories and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Choose a photo or video from the last 24 hours and post it. Keep in mind this trick only works with media saved in the last 24 hours.

5. Create Limited Time Offers

Instagram stories can be one of the best ways to deliver special offers to your customers and clients. This is one of those situations where the 24-hour rule actually works in your favor. Something that has such a short time limit holds a lot of power.

You can carry this out by creating a coupon for your business and sharing it on Instagram as a story with the announcement that the offer is only good for 24 hours. When used properly, Instagram stories create a sense of urgency for customers and makes them more likely to follow through with your message.

6. Go Through a Takeover

Having an Instagram story “takeover” is a nice way to collaborate and gain extra exposure. This is where you invite someone else to temporarily take over your Instagram story or you take over someone else’s.

Ig takeover

It’s a fun little event you can do to provide relevant content from a different perspective or put yourself in front of people you normally wouldn’t be exposed to. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange that allows a way to offer some great content to your audience by the guest or raise your brand awareness by reaching new people.

7. Show off the Creative Process

Businesses have been using social media services such as Instagram to show off the creative process for a long time, but Stories allows you to take this to the next level. The time element of Instagram Stories works great by making content shared more special because your followers know they would be disappearing soon. Stories in particular can be used to show viewers design sketches, behind the scenes footage or sneak peaks that haven’t announced to the public yet. This permits the brand to be compelling and gives your audience a chance to establish a closer connection.

8. Showcase Existing Content

If your business is already generating existing content such as youtube videos or blog articles, you can implement a multi-channel and multi-format strategy by utilizing Stories on Instagram. Stories present an opportunity for your brand to show information available somewhere else in a fun and easily digestible way. Quick re-caps can be created from previous youtube videos or slideshow summaries can be produced from a blog article. By leveraging a core piece of content by turning it into cross-channel snippets, you can further reach different types of users that have preferences for different media formats.

Ig showcase 1
Ig showcase 2

9. Put Call To Action in Story

Due to the nature of Stories allowing for a fun and interesting experience, users are likely to be more engaged when viewing stories presented by your brand. You can use this chance to invite users to take an action such as swiping to visit your online store or read the associated article. Including a clear call to action makes your stories better aligned with your business goals. It also gives you another way to measure engagement or analyze content that resonates with your audience.

Ig link

10. Use Hashtag and Location Stickers

Stickers in Stories can not only added for their fun effects, they can also be used as a way to tag a keyword or a location. It's important for brands who are aiming to increase recognition of their message, products, or services to utilize these stickers frequently. Instagram makes it easy for users to discover new people and brands on its platform through stories so you should take advantage of it with proper hashtag and location choices.

Hashtag sticker


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