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  • By Mary Wright

10 Mistakes Brands Should Avoid on Social Media

Media consumption on social platforms is becoming a major component of online activities around the world and businesses are now realizing that their overall strategy should also include social media marketing. However, efforts might not reach their full potential if you make errors that are limiting growth in your campaigns. Look through below for the 10 mistakes that brands should avoid on social media when marketing.

1. Not Actively Posting

Social media can be an immense help for your business but one of the ways that is capable of destroying the impact and influence of your presence is to not actively post content. The core premise of sharing content is to communicate about your brand but when there are no consistent attempts to maintain that communication, it becomes difficult to reach new people and preserve brand awareness.

The beast way to avoid this error is to have a regular schedule for releasing content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be every day of the week. The key is to be frequent enough so that you allow the content shared to continuously create a meaningful relationship between you and your audience.

2. Not Using Analytics to Track Key Metrics

Analytics is one of the powerful tools that you can have for your social media campaigns. They help you to measure and keep track of some of the most important metrics and figures related to the brand's well-being. The valuable information uncovered from the use of analytics would allow you to gain insights ncessary to understand the market, make informed decisions and get stronger results. Without it, you won't fully know how you’re doing or where you might need to implement some changes.


3. Posting Too Many Spammy Sales Offers

Sales are a great thing for your business but your audience might not be too receptive if most messages they receive from you are constant sale pitches. Instead, rely more on good content that is invaluable to your followings such as educational materials, market research or insightful interviews that add credibility, authority and transparency to your brand. Once your audience is able to recognize the value of your business, then they are able to respond better to the product offerings or promotions without giving negative reactions.

4. Not Engaging with Followers

It's essential to not only post frequently but also to actively interact with the followers you have. This can actually go a long way in helping you and improving your outlook in the eyes of the public. Engaging with your followers gives you the chance to build a closer connection with them. It also allows you to elevate their appreciation of your brand by answering questions, providing excellent customer service and addressing their feedback.

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5. Wrong Use of Hashtags

Hashtags have become a social media phenomenon and for good reasons too. Hashtags work in a way that they can actually increase the chances of your post being seen by complete strangers on social media platforms and they are a way for you to easily caption the purpose of said post. However, hashtags can still be wrongly utilized by inserting too many of them or too little. Excessive hashtags use can lead to irrelevant ones being put in that don't necessarily relate to the post. This could represent spammy behavior and thus, an inappropiate portrayal of your brand. On the other hand, not enough hashtags being added could limit the spread of your content.


6. Not Trying All Media Formats

Nowadays, social media permits more than one format and they include text, image, video, audio, story, and GIF. All of these formats provide users with various means by which they can engage with you and consume the content you present. But individuals have different preferences on the type of media they like and depending on the target demographics of your business, a particular media format might do better than the rest. Exploring each and every one of them will give you the opportunity to optimize for best results while still catering to your audience.

7. Not Advertising

The popularity of social platforms means that a large number of people are now readily accessible for your brand. If you are just starting out and need some assistance with exposure or you want to accelerate the growth that you are already experiencing, then advertising is a good option. With ads features that are already available on the social platforms, you won't have to be limited to slow unfoldings of other campaigns.


8. Ignoring Complaints

Part of having a social media presence is to also open a clear channel for conversations between you and your customers or clients. Once in a while, it's possible for someone to issue a complaint publicly or provide a negative comment related to your products or services. When it occurs, it's better to take care of their concerns instead of completely ignoring as if nothing happened. Having people see openly that you are trying to correct the situation makes your brand even more valuable.

9. Not Having a Social Media Goal

If social media marketing is a important aspect of your business, then setting a goal will serve as a bearing and a roadmap that directs your actions. Without it, it's harder to measure any results of the efforts put into it. Examples of goals would be to increase sales, gather leads, raise website visits or boost engagements. Not having a clear social media goal is a mistake that you should prvent from happening.

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10. No Content Strategy

It's easy to re-share or re-tweet posts on social media but in order to become an authority in your own industry, it's better to produce independent content that resonates deeply with your audience. Checking the engagement metrics such as likes, comments, views and shares of previously created materials would offer you the chance to determine the preferences of your demographics. Keeping a content calendar filled with the type of posts that your followers enjoy would then lead your brand faster to the goal it had already set.


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