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10 Mistakes Brands Should Avoid on Social Media

  • By Mary Wright

Media consumption on social platforms is becoming a major component of online activities around the world and businesses are now realizing that their overall strategy should also include social media marketing. However, efforts might not reach their full potential if you make errors that are limiting growth in your campaigns. Look through below for the 10 mistakes that brands should avoid on social media when marketing.

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Top 10 Instagram Stories Hacks That Work

  • By Mark Noyce

If you’re a fan of Instagram or have used Snapchat before then you likely know what Instagram Stories are. To put it simply, these are photos or videos of up to 10 seconds that are kept separately from your main profile feed and only last for 24 hours. Although it's a newer media format found on Instagram, many users are now enjoying Stories successfully.They are a great addition for your marketing strategy. Here we share top 10 Instagram Stories hacks that can be added to your regular Instagram campaign.

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories: Which is More Advantageous for Your Business?

  • By Mary Wright

Ever since Instagram has released its Stories feature, many have wondered about the benefits it might provide to businesses in comparison to Stories offered in Snapchat. There are certainly similarities to how Stories functions on the two platforms. Both Stories features allow you to connect to an audience creatively using playful filters, colorful texts or fun emojis. However, if you are looking to be seletive with your social media marketing, understanding the differences between the Stories features available on the two platforms might enable you to choose one that is more advantageous for your business.

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7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Critical

  • By Mary Wright

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